Billing Specialist

Under the Billing Manager, Billing Specialist is responsible for: Oversee authorization process and rejected/unpaid claims progress, Check daily schedule for all clients regarding authorization and charge, Confirm authorization on file for each scheduled appointment at each office location, Notify clinical staff members when authorizations are needed for sessions by printing reports, attach necessary forms and advising staff when to call the insurance company, Contact insurance companies when requested authorizations are not received, Update authorization records, Prepare late bills, secondary bills, resubmissions and Flex funding bills to DPBHS, Communicate and pursue missing/incorrect data necessary for billing/funding with all location support staff, clinical staff, insurance companies and client families, including processing of pending charge slips report and updating/obtaining authorizations.

Therapeutic Interventionist

Provide behavioral support to teachers in classroom and early childhood settings. Interventionist is responsible for implementing trauma-informed practices, collaborating with educational staff, designing and implementing behavioral interventions, data collection, and participating in school-based and agency team meetings.