24/7 CRISIS Response

1-800-969-HELP (4357)

Our skilled crisis intervention clinicians come to wherever you are, whenever you need it, to provide counseling and support. Using evidenced-informed risk assessments, they work with you figure out challenges and strengths; they help you work through a difficult situation; calm down anyone who is angry, upset, or out of control; make sure everyone is safe, and create a plan for a path forward, providing short-term support.

Take a minute to remind a friend to take a deep breath and practice self-care.

Life can be hard—we’re here for each other.

If you or someone you know needs help, call our Crisis Hotline at Crisis Hotline 1-800-969-HELP (4357)

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Our youth crisis response services are available 24/7 for kids and teens in Delaware (17 and younger) who:

  • Have identified to be at risk of harm to themselves or others
  • Have experienced recent trauma
  • May be experiencing mental health symptoms
  • Are seeking help for managing emotional and/or behavioral health problems

Mobile Response & Stabilization Services FAQ

 MRSS stands for Mobile Response and Stabilization Services and is a Crisis Response program available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all children or youth under the age of 18 throughout Delaware. MRSS clinicians provide risk assessments, intervention services, and case management for children in crisis. MRSS services are provided by Delaware Guidance Services (DGS) in partnership with the Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health (DPBHS). 

DGS is grateful for the collaboration and partnership with The Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families.

Together, we

  1. Plan for transitions and prepare children and families for each transition, including case transfers to new workers.
  2. Minimize the number of placements and transitions.
  3. Ensure communication between divisions for all multi-divisional youth.
  4. Determine what would make a family more stable and connect with other divisions, agencies and providers to meet their needs.
It's Okay to not feel Okay

Youth Suicide Prevention & Support

Reach out for help if you or a loved one is at risk of suicide. Suicide is preventable. We are ready to help support teens, parents and caregivers to provide prevention services such as counseling, resource sharing, and more.

Suicide Warning Signs

  • Hopelessness: feeling like things are bad and won’t get any better. Fear of losing control, going crazy, harming himself/herself or others.
  • Worthlessness: feeling like an awful person and people would be better off if he/she were dead. Hating himself/herself, feeling guilty or ashamed. Being extremely sad and lonely, feeling anxious, worried or angry all the time.