Our Team is the Best Ever!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have said after working with our staff and clinicians…


Providing Family Support

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for all that Amanda Amodeo has done for my daughter, myself, and our family. My daughter has experienced mental health issues for years but exacerbated in the last year.  Amanda has been amazing in providing her with the therapy she needed, while also providing family support. She went above and beyond helping with any of our mental health needs.

As my daughter’s behaviors escalated, Amanda was always supportive and very knowledgeable about strategies to try to help my daughter remain calm in a stressful situation. Amanda worked hard to try to help her find ways to cope with her challenges and remain home. All the upheaval was challenging and scary to us as family and Amanda was super supportive through it all. 

I am so impressed with Amanda and her knowledge. I am sure all her clients feel the same way and realize just how lucky they are to have her. She is the best and I can’t say enough about how kind, knowledgeable, and supportive she is. She has a true love for her clients despite any of the challenges they present to her. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate her. I know you know how valuable she is.”

-Mother of Client

DGS and their dedication

“These stories really speak to the mission and vision of DGS. The role DGS plays in our communities is critical, and the hard work and dedication of the team are greatly appreciated. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your presence.”

–Joel Brown II, Past DGS Board President

Families and children are heard

“Shout out to crisis evaluator Pat Caulk. I’ve worked with her for 2-3 years in my clinical role and EVERY time she has been phenomenally supportive. I can attest that she goes above and beyond the call of duty to help families and children to feel heard while ensuring that they are successfully connected to the appropriate level of care and resources. She did the same this week with a shared patient.”

–Danika Perry, DGS Board Member

“It is my belief that too often in today’s world, we are quick to reach out when we have a complaint yet fail to acknowledge those who deserve recognition for going above and beyond.   Thus, I wanted to take a minute to share how amazing it has been to work with Amanda Amodeo, Outpatient Therapist.  I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Mrs. Amodeo for years—and it often seems as though we share some of the most “challenging” student clients. 

This week, one of the said clients behaviorally regressed into “crisis mode” involving consecutive days of police contact…eventually culminating in hospitalization.  Mrs. Amodeo and I communicated daily—in reality,  multiple times a day and after hours in a united effort to best support this student and family.   I truly hope that Delaware Guidance realizes what an exemplary clinician Mrs. Amodeo is.  She personifies what it means to treat the “entire” individual-using her expertise to incorporate/collaborate with all of the client life domains—medical/psychotropic, home/family, school, community, etc…  Her responsiveness is unparalleled!!

Ms. Amodeo embraces the old saying, “It takes a Village…”  and I am so thankful when she is part of any GMS student’s Village and journey!!”

Tanja K. Levenson, Mental Health Counselor | Georgetown Middle School

Providing Family Support

Lives We’ve Touched

I just processed an Outcome Survey on one of Kristen C.’s clients. She had really nice things to say about Kristen and I  just wanted to share.

“Kristen Collins is a very good therapist and has really helped with a lot of my problems. If I didn’t have her to talk to and help me through things, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.” 

 –submitted by (DGS Operations Staff member)


Note of Gratitude (Laila Brooks-Collins)

Thank you, Ms. Laila.

I have received the handbook.

Furthermore, it’s one thing to be the provider. It’s a whole other thing when the care is personal.

With that said, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding care that you have provided to (granddaughter) and me. Your kindness, compassion and professionalism have made our experience so much easier to deal with during our time of need.

Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail gave me a sense of security and comfort that I will never forget. You took the time to listen to our concerns, explain treatment options, and supported us every step of the way. I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary care that you provided to us.

I appreciate your patience at that late hour and tireless effort you put in to make sure that (granddaughter) was comfortable and that we were well taken care of. I have had the privilege of meeting many mental health professionals throughout my 22+ years in the healthcare field, but very few have shown the level of dedication or professionalism that you have.

Thank you so much for your exceptional service and all that you do in your area of expertise.

-Grandmother of Client

From Family Member re: Brandi Wright

I just wanted to send KUDOS to Brandi Wright in the Dover Mobile OPT program. She is simply amazing and such a great member of (client’s) team. She goes above and beyond to figure out creative ways to support (client) and she does a wonderful job with the psycho-education regarding Autism. I am just so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Brandi and wanted to pass on this NICE bit of news.

~Kristine Krzemien, LMSW
Child and Family Care Coordinator
Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services