Our statewide Outpatient/Therapeutic Support for Families (OP/TSF) program is for children and teens who need more than one counseling session per week. Children who benefit from OP/TSF are often dealing with complicated behavioral health issues and may have been unsuccessful in traditional outpatient therapy. OP/TSF may also be helpful for children transitioning out of a higher level of care, such as a residential treatment center or a hospital. Care is primarily provided out of the office, in the family’s home, the child’s school, a community center, and/or anywhere the family feels comfortable. OP/TSF clinicians work in teams of two. The lead therapist spends about five hours per week of intensive therapy meeting both with the family and the child—sometimes separately and sometimes together. Another clinician meets with the child for about five hours per week and focuses on reinforcing positive behavioral change. OP/TSF treatment usually lasts 9 to 12 months.