STATUS: Exempt

Salary: Starting $50,000/year

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree from an accredited school in human services. The degree must qualify for licensure in the state of Delaware as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), License Professional Counselor of Mental Health (LPCMH), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), or Licensed Psychologist. The candidate must also possess a Delaware license in the respective field.

At least 5 years of experience in counseling or other related experience preferred. At least 2 years post graduate supervisory experience preferred.

JOB SUMMARY: Under the supervision of the Crisis Program Manager, the MRSS Crisis Supervisor plans, directs and coordinates activities of MRSS (Crisis Intervention/Prevention) to ensure that clinically appropriate goals and procedures are accomplished in accordance with risk factors, time limitations, funding requirements, and JCAHO and licensing regulations.


· Demonstrates knowledge of individual growth and development.

· Demonstrates knowledge of family and community systems.

· Responsible for managing a clinically appropriate 24/7 crisis program for children.

· Develops and maintains procedures/policies for daily operations: mobilization of crisis workers to hospitals, schools, homes and other community agencies in order to provide risk assessments and appropriate referrals to insure the safety of the child.

· Develops procedures to enable crisis workers to access supervision on a daily basis to resolve difficulties in clinical assessments and crisis situations.

· Provides daily crisis case management and assigning of cases on an as need basis.

· Monitors daily crisis interventions and risk factors for individual cases.

· Responsible for making the final decision to hospitalize or to place a child in a crisis bed.

· Facilitate ongoing crisis training to encourage growth among crisis counselors.

· Provide on-site field assistance to crisis counselors as needed.

· Implement and coordinate ongoing group and individual supervision for the crisis counselors paying attention to licensing requirements and employee career development.

· Work closely with the community mental health providers, law enforcement departments, State of Delaware hospitals and Prevention and Behavioral Health Services to facilitate appropriate services for children and their families.

· Develop and maintain ongoing procedures to manage crisis situations ranging from decompensation of the mentally ill, drug/alcohol problems, suicidal/homicidal ideation, family conflict, physical and sexual abuse, etc.

· Participate in one week a month on-call rotation for supervisory consultation with crisis clinicians who are assessing clients in the community

· Uphold professional standards of treatment and the mission of Delaware Guidance Services in imparting services to children and their families.

· Maintain a quality code of conduct, ethics and professionalism as demonstrated in the MRSS Program Manual.

· Impart clinical knowledge and expertise in a manner congruent with providing goal-directed and team-oriented services towards children.

· Communicate effectively and professionally with all customers, including children, parents, Department of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services and other state and county agencies.

· Maintain crisis services to children and families in compliance with requirements published in the Department of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services Manual.


· Responsible for coordinating and maintaining proper documentation of all incoming assessments from crisis evaluation. Verify that risk factors are addressed and all notations are precise and accurate.

· Establish and maintain outcome measures.

· Responsible for assigning and scheduling crisis counselors to specific shifts and maintain a sense of stability on those shifts.

· Attend individual meetings with the MRSS Program Manager and management team meetings.

· Responsible for weekly crisis program updates to the MRSSS Program Manager.

· Participate in the interview process of potential candidates for the crisis program.

· Responsible for evaluating crisis counselors’ progress within the program and updating the MRSS Program Manager with staff concerns.

· Facilitate training for newly hired crisis counselors.

· Responsible for the coordination of cases and policies with the Department of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services.

· Ensure staff knowledge of and compliance with appropriate licensing, contractual and other standards impacting daily operations.

· Other duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time