Hello! I’m Wylie.

Helping small friends with sorrow in their eyes and fear in their hearts can be like walking up a mountain…long and hard, but worth the effort.

Being a therapy dog and one part of the treatment team makes this journey a little easier though. My human and co-team member, Elizabeth, worked really long and really hard to learn how to help our small friends. Then she taught me the skills I needed to be her team member.

We help the survivors of trauma and those who will be.

When I start to work with each one of our small friends, I have four wishes I hope they achieve: To feel safe, To feel loved, To feel strong and To feel unafraid.

One such friend comes to mind who was 6-years-old. His name was Andy, and his mother just died from a drug overdose…..

Wylie helped so many children in immeasurable ways. Due to only being able to reach a small number of friends directly, however, he decided to share his stories with the hope that others may be helped as well.

“Wylie’s Wishes – Andy’s Story” is the first in a series of books, each book will address a different trauma and the child’s journey through treatment.

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